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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Wonderful World of Socks

In many team sports, the uniform involves wearing eye catching, brightly colored socks to compliment the rest of the necessary sports equipment and the team uniform. Depending on the colors of the team they are playing for, the sock colors should match and be solid colored. Especially in leg sports, these bright socks help fans and referees follow the game plays more easily and aid them in making their rule calls. A popular and eye catching color are orange sports socks. Interestingly enough, there are many variations of colors and patterns in the orange colored variety to choose from.

Orange sports socks are bright enough to catch the eyes and keep them on the leg movements of the participants as they make plays in the tangle of close sports moves, attempting to be the first to score points. These socks do come in many different heights, though the knee-highs are usually required with team uniforms. For work out runs between games, the crew length or ankle length orange sports socks can be a bright alternative to white, enabling people to spot joggers more easily on the roads. The bright, almost glowing florescent orange color is a good choice for joggers and bikers on the roadways for greater visibility and safety.

There are many ways to personalize orange sport socks, not only by color, but also by the many different themes that are printed on them, such as soccer balls, basketballs, flames, skulls and tiger stripes.  A wide range of orange shades are available, from the bright florescent safety colors to flame orange, and softer melon-like oranges, depending on the wearers’ preference or sport.

For the sock wearer who is making a personal statement, there are so many different knee and crew socks, with many color variations and themes, such as the checkerboard socks that are a great gift for the checker or chess player, flower, hearts and peace sign socks, paw print and animals print socks. Cancer awareness ribbons are a great sock decoration to wear, to show your support for a worthy cause or for participation in the many benefit runs.

The ideas are endless as to what can be printed on socks, for the wearer to advertise their individuality or just for the practical use of socks in their daily dress. Socks are no longer just a standard neutral color. They can be bright, colorful fashion accents, show enthusiasm for your favorite team’s colors, show support for a cause and reflect the wearers’ personality in the daily journey through school, work and exercise.  A sock buyer can look online for pictures of sock designs to gain some ideas of what is available in stores and even search out printers who can make custom designs on socks for people with a definite design in mind. From sports socks to personalized name socks, there is a sock to match, contrast and compliment any and all outfits or team uniforms.


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