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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Benefits of Breast Cancer Awareness Crew Socks

Statistics show that there are as many as 226,870 new cases of breast cancer diagnosed annually. If you know someone who is battling breast cancer, one of the main things you want to offer to your loved one or friend is unconditional support. You may not be able to help with treatment or pay for large-scale expenses but you can assist and show support by wearing apparel that helps promote breast cancer awareness.

One way you can gain attention and possibly raise money for a particular breast cancer charity or individual is by wearing and sharing breast cancer crew socks. Crew socks are pulled up past the ankle and generally rest mid-calf. They are not as tall as a soccer or sport sock and are generally worn with longer pants or jeans, making them perfect for everyday casual wear.
Breast cancer crew socks allow you to be able to show off your statement without having to say a word. There are several ways you can make this style of sock show off how you feel no matter what you activity you are engaged in.

Breast Cancer Fundraisers
Breast cancer crew socks are a great option for an upcoming breast cancer fundraiser. The socks have various styles and colors that you can choose from to correlate with the tone of the fundraiser. Our cotton knit socks come in various colors such as white and pink, all pink, light pink and dark pink, black and pink and florescent pink. You can choose from socks with the pink ribbon lining the cuff of the sock or one on each side of the ankle. You can also select a pink ribbon design that lines the mid-calf area of the crew sock. Participants can be a part of a fundraiser for a local organization and you could include these socks as part of a thank you gift for their attendance or participation.

Our crew socks make great gifts for breast cancer survivors as well as their friends and families. If you are looking for the perfect gift for the holidays, birthdays or remission anniversaries, gift the gift of our cure crew socks. Our socks serve as a simple reminder at how precious life is and how hard breast cancer patients fight and will continue to fight the battle against breast cancer. These socks come in a variety of designs all highlighted in pink making them the perfect gift for anyone. They can be worn as casual wear, as athletic wear and even with professional clothing options.

If someone dear to your heart has lost their fight to breast cancer, remember them every day by showing your support with a cure crew sock. Wearing our cure crew socks offers a wonderful way to memorialize your loved one and open up the door to new conversations with others. The spark of spreading the word about the importance of mammograms, sharing breast cancer statistics and explaining to someone how they can support different breast cancer organizations will help spread the word and educate others about the disease.


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