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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Wonderful World of Socks

In many team sports, the uniform involves wearing eye catching, brightly colored socks to compliment the rest of the necessary sports equipment and the team uniform. Depending on the colors of the team they are playing for, the sock colors should match and be solid colored. Especially in leg sports, these bright socks help fans and referees follow the game plays more easily and aid them in making their rule calls. A popular and eye catching color are orange sports socks. Interestingly enough, there are many variations of colors and patterns in the orange colored variety to choose from.

Orange sports socks are bright enough to catch the eyes and keep them on the leg movements of the participants as they make plays in the tangle of close sports moves, attempting to be the first to score points. These socks do come in many different heights, though the knee-highs are usually required with team uniforms. For work out runs between games, the crew length or ankle length orange sports socks can be a bright alternative to white, enabling people to spot joggers more easily on the roads. The bright, almost glowing florescent orange color is a good choice for joggers and bikers on the roadways for greater visibility and safety.

There are many ways to personalize orange sport socks, not only by color, but also by the many different themes that are printed on them, such as soccer balls, basketballs, flames, skulls and tiger stripes.  A wide range of orange shades are available, from the bright florescent safety colors to flame orange, and softer melon-like oranges, depending on the wearers’ preference or sport.

For the sock wearer who is making a personal statement, there are so many different knee and crew socks, with many color variations and themes, such as the checkerboard socks that are a great gift for the checker or chess player, flower, hearts and peace sign socks, paw print and animals print socks. Cancer awareness ribbons are a great sock decoration to wear, to show your support for a worthy cause or for participation in the many benefit runs.

The ideas are endless as to what can be printed on socks, for the wearer to advertise their individuality or just for the practical use of socks in their daily dress. Socks are no longer just a standard neutral color. They can be bright, colorful fashion accents, show enthusiasm for your favorite team’s colors, show support for a cause and reflect the wearers’ personality in the daily journey through school, work and exercise.  A sock buyer can look online for pictures of sock designs to gain some ideas of what is available in stores and even search out printers who can make custom designs on socks for people with a definite design in mind. From sports socks to personalized name socks, there is a sock to match, contrast and compliment any and all outfits or team uniforms.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Yellow Crew Socks

The crew sock has become one of the most commonly worn socks in America. Besides the heel sock, toe sock, and ankle sock, the crew sock has become the norm among athletes, sports fans, and every day shoe wearers, alike. Yellow crew socks are just as much of a common color to see as the sock type itself.

 The Crew sock is usually a more form-fitting sock. It's not so much bulky, but it's not rare to see it with some sort of thickness (for extra warmth). It's a commonly rib-like sock, with tiers descending down the sides of the ankle. They can be used in a way to warm legs, but are not nearly as effective as leg warmers themselves. They can fit into most any type of shoe and can go with most any kind of outfit or type of attire.

The first time that the Crew sock became a dominant piece of clothing, was in 1948. Crew socks are short (the longest being the mid-to lower calve of the leg),being somewhat thick, everyday kind of socks. They also come in a number of different styles and designs, but most people usually just choose a solid color to wear under their clothes. Crew socks are unisex wear, meaning both males and females wear them. Females are more likely to wear bright, out there socks, unless the sock color represents something meaningful. This might be school colors, team colors, or the individual's favorite color.

A sports team that is well known for pulling off the yellow crew sock would have to be the Green Bay Packers. The football team is well known for their green and yellow, traditionally worn team colors. They aren't the only NFL team to sport the yellow. The Pittsburgh Steelers wore their throwback attire, sporting yellow and black striped crew socks.

Another common reason to sport yellow crew socks, both in the past and most dominantly in modern day times, is in support for a cause. It's not unusual to see people sporting the most vibrant yellow of crew socks, representing their support for a cure for cancer. Yellow is the color most associated with the illness and many charities and supporters associate it with not only ribbons, but also by incorporating it into their everyday attire. This is also associated with "Armstrong's Livestrong" bracelets, which were also sold to support a cure for cancer. Cancer awareness is common among athletes, as they also tend to incorporate the color in their armbands, socks, knee guards, and gloves during their big games - in commemoration of a plethora of personally supported causes.

The yellow crew sock is a bit of a memorable color and shape. You can see it from far away and it sends a very bold message. It represents energy, joy, and some would even say hope. It's the easiest color to see and although it's said to drive you crazy if in large doses, when incorporated in your daily outfit as a complimentary color, it can be pulled off when presented casually, for preference, or for a cause.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Striped Soccer Socks

Soccer teams are often known for their colors and their uniforms, and socks are part of that complete picture. Soccer is widely popular among young children, teens and adults. There are private leagues and professional leagues and each team takes pride in their appearance and in being unique. Occasionally it is an individual player who wants to be unique on the team. Striped soccer socks can be the uniform piece that sets a team apart, or they can be the item that sets a player apart on a team.

Striped soccer socks can still be conservative socks, such as a solid color sock with three subtle stripes in the cuff. Often this is a white sock with a color stripe that coordinates with the rest of the uniform, but the color pattern can be reversed. This same detail can be white stripes on a solid color. This is a very traditional soccer sock. An entire team would look good in these striped socks.

No one says socks must be subtle or conservative. There are soccer socks that are striped in a wide rainbow pattern, in bright and cheerful colors. The person who chooses these exuberant socks will be a standout on the team and at the games. That pattern in socks is just one type of stripe that shows playfulness and individuality. Consider that the same rainbow coloring or other multicolor stripes are available in a prism stripe of related colors.

Striped soccer socks are a simple description of some of the most unique sporting socks on today's market. There are animal stripes and stripes paired with spots to appeal to the whimsical soccer player or fan. Wearing soccer socks is not just reserved for soccer players. Soccer fans can show their support for a particular team by echoing the uniform colors in striped socks. They make a great sporty addition to casual outfits.

The sports lover may opt for common stripes of equal measure that go straight around or he may choose a more unique stripe. Soccer socks can come in many colors with diagonal stripes or stripes that are wrapped around the calves like cyclones or tornadoes. Soccer socks may be old school and traditional, with two or three colored stripes around the top, just below the cuff. That style of sock has been popular year after year. Stripes are an excellent opportunity to incorporate favorite team colors or colors of personal choice. The striped sock may feature two colors or seven because of the many stripe options.

Quality socks with unique combinations and patterns are the finishing touch for uniforms and sports regalia for the fan. The choices for self-expression are abundant with striped soccer socks.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Bright colored socks for men

In the past, men usually wore socks that were black, brown, blue or white so that their socks would go with the outfits they wore which were usually black, brown, blue, or white, or mixture of all. It was just natural for men to wear socks of those colors and not deviate to brighter colors.

Now the thinking of what socks men should wear is changing, and bright colored socks for men is in demand by many men who want to have more color in their wardrobe. Socks of pink, orange, yellow, green, purple and many other colors are now the choice of many men.

One has to remember that depending on where the men are, such as in a business meeting or at church, most men would stay with the traditional black, brown, blue or white socks.   This can vary because some men may work for a company that is more relaxed in their dress codes, making men feel more comfortable about wearing whatever color of socks they would like. Some churches of today are not so concerned about how a person is dressed, as long as they go to church, so bright colored socks for men would fit right into most any situation.

Colored socks made of nylon come in a variety of colors that are comfortable, easy to wash and wear, not to mention being very durable. Also, now that men are wearing outfits that are more brightly colored, such as pink, yellow, or purple, the bright colored socks for men go very well with this type of ensemble. If a man were to wear a black or brown pair of socks with a brightly colored suit, the socks would look out of place. The socks can be of one solid color, a mixture of colors, they can be of a footie, ankle high, knee high or thigh high depending on what he is doing at the time and what feels comfortable to him.

For some men having brightly colored socks is not an issue, they feel comfortable wearing them and enjoy the variety of comments that people give to them when they are out and about. Luckily the majority of men who do wear the brightly colored socks are able to situate them with what they are wearing, so that everything looks well blended. The socks, suits, jewelry and everything that men wear today are not the dull colors they use to wear – they feel more free to wear brightly colored socks.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Old School Socks

Socks have been around for many centuries to protect the feet from cold. The earliest socks were likely made from animal skins. Since that time, wool, cotton and many other fabrics have been used to make socks in a wide array of lengths, styles and colors. When we think of old school socks, the mind usually brings up those that have trended within the past few decades. Here are descriptions of several styles of those socks.

Toe Socks

Toe socks were trendy during the 1970s and have made a comeback in recent years. As the name indicates, these socks are knitted in a way that encases each toe individually. Toe socks are typically designed in bold, whimsical colors and patterns, with horizontal stripes being the norm. These socks are great for any casual, fun occasion or for wearing around the house. Men can wear these, although it is usually women and girls who are drawn to the bright colors and fun look.

Pompom Socks

Pompom socks are old school socks that have trended occasionally for women, mostly among the younger crowd. These are cotton anklets with a small, colored pompom attached to the back. The pompom is about the size of a cotton ball and is intended to be displayed above the back of a sneaker. These socks are for wearing for workouts or for any casual occasion.

Argyle Socks

Argyle socks have never really gone out of style, although their mainstream popularity has waxed and waned through the years. The Argyle pattern originated in Scotland and the socks are sometimes worn with kilts. These calf-length or knee-length socks add a preppy style to outfits and they are most often worn with trousers.

Knee-High Socks

Knee-High socks were popular with women in the 1960s and 70s, although the socks were around before this time. These socks are usually, but not always, made of thinner material than ankle-length socks and can be worn with short skirts, with jeans or with pants. You can find these socks in a variety of colors and patterns today.

Tube Socks

Tube socks can also reach the knees but they are differentiated from knee-high socks by their thicker, cotton-knit fabric and the sporty stripes at the top. These were trendy in the 1960s, 70s and 80s and were worn with jeans, shorts and athletic clothing along with sneakers. Today, these socks have some popularity among those who are going for a retro look.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Benefits of Breast Cancer Awareness Crew Socks

Statistics show that there are as many as 226,870 new cases of breast cancer diagnosed annually. If you know someone who is battling breast cancer, one of the main things you want to offer to your loved one or friend is unconditional support. You may not be able to help with treatment or pay for large-scale expenses but you can assist and show support by wearing apparel that helps promote breast cancer awareness.

One way you can gain attention and possibly raise money for a particular breast cancer charity or individual is by wearing and sharing breast cancer crew socks. Crew socks are pulled up past the ankle and generally rest mid-calf. They are not as tall as a soccer or sport sock and are generally worn with longer pants or jeans, making them perfect for everyday casual wear.
Breast cancer crew socks allow you to be able to show off your statement without having to say a word. There are several ways you can make this style of sock show off how you feel no matter what you activity you are engaged in.

Breast Cancer Fundraisers
Breast cancer crew socks are a great option for an upcoming breast cancer fundraiser. The socks have various styles and colors that you can choose from to correlate with the tone of the fundraiser. Our cotton knit socks come in various colors such as white and pink, all pink, light pink and dark pink, black and pink and florescent pink. You can choose from socks with the pink ribbon lining the cuff of the sock or one on each side of the ankle. You can also select a pink ribbon design that lines the mid-calf area of the crew sock. Participants can be a part of a fundraiser for a local organization and you could include these socks as part of a thank you gift for their attendance or participation.

Our crew socks make great gifts for breast cancer survivors as well as their friends and families. If you are looking for the perfect gift for the holidays, birthdays or remission anniversaries, gift the gift of our cure crew socks. Our socks serve as a simple reminder at how precious life is and how hard breast cancer patients fight and will continue to fight the battle against breast cancer. These socks come in a variety of designs all highlighted in pink making them the perfect gift for anyone. They can be worn as casual wear, as athletic wear and even with professional clothing options.

If someone dear to your heart has lost their fight to breast cancer, remember them every day by showing your support with a cure crew sock. Wearing our cure crew socks offers a wonderful way to memorialize your loved one and open up the door to new conversations with others. The spark of spreading the word about the importance of mammograms, sharing breast cancer statistics and explaining to someone how they can support different breast cancer organizations will help spread the word and educate others about the disease.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Superstar Star Socks

Black and White Star Socks
Ever wanted a cool pair of socks that looks great, is very comfortable, and is also great with sports shoes? Then you should be getting star socks today. These are some of the best designed socks around. The star pattern in the upper area is terrific and will really make you stand out among others. The star socks also have a great mix of materials, making them light weight, comfortable, and great for sweat absorption. You will always feel comfortable in star socks, even if you have been wearing and working out in them for hours. What other socks can say that?

The best thing about stars sports socks is that they are great both for casual wear and for sports. You can wear these socks with a pair of jeans and a nice shirt, if you are going out for dinner or to a party. These sports socks are also terrific for all kinds of sports. Whether you are playing football, basketball, baseball, or just running, you will love these sports socks. The stars sports socks are also terrific for going to the gym in. Not only will they get you noticed, but they are also extremely comfortable.

In terms of features, these socks are second to none. Their grip and sturdiness is one of the things that people like the most. Thanks to these socks, you will feel as though your foot is one with the shoe you are wearing. In addition, they are just so easy to put on and take off. Some socks are too tight, meaning it is a pain to remove and put them on each time. However, these will slip on and off in no time. That is the beauty of the stars sports socks and why they are such a popular sock.

Want to get a bundle of them? You will be able to find great discounts when you buy more of these socks. You can also get one or two pairs at a time, if you want to test them out first. There are fifteen to twenty different types of socks so that you have a wide variety to choose from. That is why these socks are considered so great. So, if you want to feel like a superstar and become a superstar, then you are going to want to wear these socks. You will feel like a superstar with these on your feet!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Show Your Wild Side

Pink Monkey Face Sport Socks
Some people may think that the world of socks is not an exciting one, but those people would be wrong! They have simply not seen the full potential that socks truly have. Socks can even help you to show your wild side! "How can my socks help to show my wild side?" you may ask. The answer is simple! Different socks can help you express different aspects of your personality. If you are looking to show people that you are a little wilder than they previously may have thought, try investing is some animal themed sport socks!

Although it may sound strange, animal themes sport socks can be really great for a lot of different reasons. Take into consideration the following situational example: You, or someone that is close to you, is on a basketball team whose mascot is a tiger. Wouldn't it be a really cool thing to have tiger print sport socks? These socks would not only be comfortable and functional for playing basketball, but they would also have a variety of other benefits. They would unify a team more if they all had these matching socks that filled them with team spirit. It also may help them relax and have more fun if they have something a little silly on their feet. Not only could a team with a mascot of a tiger use socks to their advantage, but there are also leopard print sport socks and a variety of other animals as well.

Not only are these animal themed sports socks great for sports like basketball, soccer, baseball, and basically any other sport, but they are also great for almost any other occasion! They can add a little fun flair to any outfit. They are a product that kids are sure to love, both for wearing and looking at other people wearing them. If you do not feel comfortable expressing yourself so loudly with your socks in public, they are also great for lounging around the house in.

Basically these socks are great for any occasion. They are great in their functionality, and will also allow you to expand your style and wardrobe expression. Be sure to look into these themed socks for any sport lover in your life, or simply anyone that would benefit from expressing themselves through their socks. These socks would also be really great for the animal lover in your life.