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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Cheer Your Socks Off

Sweet Heart Anklet Socks
Having the right pair of cheerleading socks is of vital importance for any cheerleader. The right pair of socks is as crucial to cheerleaders as it is to football and basketball players. All of these activities require a great deal of sweat and physical exertion. Uncomfortable socks can have a significant negative effect on any participant. Cheer socks must be long-lasting and able to survive inevitable wear and tear. They are required to be durable, flexible, and comfortable.

There are several different types of cheerleading socks. Anklet socks are always a good option. Anklets are short shocks that reach slightly above the wearer's ankle. Some varieties have a cushioned acrylic foot to provide extra comfort. Low cut socks provide durability, are an easy fit, and come in a vast rainbow of different colors. Another popular type of anklet is fluorescent footies. They are made of nylon and acrylic, with a little bit of spandex for flexibility. They also come in a variety of colors. Many footies are sold with special designs to make wearing and looking at them a little more fun. There are heart footies, star footies, dotted footies, pink ribbon footies, and even jungle print footies.

Many younger cheerleaders may be tempted to buy cheer socks based on their favorite design, or the kind that they believe look the cutest. Hopefully, they will keep in mind that aesthetic qualities are not the most important factors in choosing which type to purchase. Cheerleaders need socks that will serve them well throughout their careers. Hopefully, they can find something that encompasses the best of all worlds - something pleasant to look at, durable, and comfortable.


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