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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Athletic Compression Socks

Glide Compression Sock
At first glance they may seem to be a fashion statement, but compression sleeves are ideal for any sport. Arm compression sleeves and athletic compression socks keep blood pumping to your muscles and at the same time keeps you warm and loose so you can perform at your maximum level during any athletic competition or workout.

With the help of compression sleeves, the arteries in your body can positively be increased. If the blood flow in the arteries is increased, the better the muscles are supplied with energy. This, in return, allows for higher performance in feeding the ever-demanding need for energy as you work out or compete.

Running compression socks may be worn to help with the stabilization of the lower leg, which can minimize muscle fatigue and reduce the risk of injury such as leg cramps or shin splints. Compression socks may also be worn after any sporting event to provide a faster muscle recovery time.

Made with top quality yarn and state-of-the-art knitting machines, arm compression sleeves and athletic compression socks have a unique characteristic about them. They are seamless and skin tight to prevent irritation of the skin and for the most comfortable fit.

Even though compression socks were not originally made for this, people with occupational environments that require long periods of standing have found that the use of compression socks can be helpful. Passengers on long air flights have noted that wearing compression socks can help prevent circulatory problems such numbness and cramping of the legs. This makes compression sock some of the most versatile and usable sock available!


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