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Friday, October 26, 2012

Significance of the Armband

Blue Captain's Armband
People who do not play sports regularly often wonder about the impact that the sports armband has. In many ways, having a sports armband is a no brainer because it is going to help a great deal when you are sweating and in the middle of an intense game. Instead of wiping sweat with your shirt or looking for a towel, simply rub your face and neck with the sports armband and you will be completely dry. This saves time and keeps an athlete focused and in prime shape to score the next point, shot, or piece of action in the game.

Armbands are worn in all sports. There are tennis armbands and you will see almost all the top players wearing them. When they finish a point, sometimes there is no time to get a towel. Wiping away the sweat with a tennis armband is so much easier and more efficient.

There are other armbands that have even greater significance. In most sports there will be a captain armbands that only one player on each team will get to wear. This armband is reserved for the team's captain. If the team's captain is not playing, then the vice captain or a player appointed by the coach for the day will wear the armband. Captain armbands signify a position of leadership on the field/pitch/court/baseball diamond. The person wearing a captain’s football armband or a captain’s baseball armband will have the respect of his teammates. They will know that this player will shout out instructions and communicate with the coaches so that the team knows what their responsibilities are.

Wearing a football armband or baseball armband is a huge honor. These are the players who everyone respects and admires. Throughout different sports, some of the best players around are given the armband to captain and lead their teams. In soccer, players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and Steven Gerrard have worn the armband to lead their team on occasion. In football, the likes of Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, and Drew Brees are captains and leaders of their teams. Derek Jeter is the NY Yankees captain and Jason Varitek was Red Sox captain until his recent retirement. All of these players are proven examples of what a captain is and should be.

Armbands have greater significance in some sports than they do in others. At times, an armband may simply be a tool to keep the sweat away and an athlete focused. In other cases, the armband is a symbolic gesture given to a player that is ready to lead his or her team out into battle.


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