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Monday, October 15, 2012

Play Soccer In Style

Red Argyle Soccer Socks
It’s about time high school soccer teams and coaches jumped on the "let's put a little color and jazz in soccer" train, and got onboard with all the new colors and styles available for players to wear. Some of the older generation may remember that an "argyle" craze hit teens and schools back in the day, and the "in-crowd" not only wore argyle socks, they combined them with a pair of "saddle" shoes when they went to school, parties and other functions on a daily basis. Argyle socks also kept your feet warm. If you rent an old James Dean or Elvis Presley movie you'll know what we're talking about.

Outfitting an entire intermediate or high school girls soccer team with argyle soccer socks, it could be the start of a 2012 argyle craze and a terrific idea, except for one concern. Colorful, crazy soccer socks may not be permitted in regular team play. Like the referees, every player must conform to uniform colors, except for shoes, from top to bottom and that goes for all regulated school teams including small colleges, and universities.

But that crazy soccer socks conformity doesn't necessarily trickle down to non-school teams. City league team soccer socks for girls could be the talk of the town and a whole lot better to watch than the usual drab suspects. And today city league and non-city league pickup soccer games have sprouted out like poppies in a vacant field; they're everywhere most every weekend playing on some local field that has grass.

So maybe it is time to raise the what can we wear or not bar when it comes to argyle soccer socks for girls, and get a bit more creative and colorful at the same time. Maybe team members can all get together, raise a few bucks from family and friends, maybe even a car wash or yard sale, then make a team purchase of argyle soccer socks. Hey, a rainbow has a bunch of beautiful colors; why not put some of those colors into soccer socks for girls and let the color games begin?


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