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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Go Funky Or Go Home!

Black and Orange Polka Dot Soccer Socks
"Girls can do anything boys can do."

Almost everyone is familiar with that particular saying. While it may be true, it's also true that there's no harm in girls putting a bit of pizzazz into their hobbies, whether it's having a glitter-covered dirt bike or wearing polka dot soccer socks.

Soccer socks for girls are a rising phenomenon and it's such a unique way to bring the girls together and to build confidence. If the girls feel good wearing funky soccer socks, chances are they'll play well.

If team colors are purple and yellow, girls have the option to wear one sock of each color, wear socks that are striped, or maybe they can find purple and yellow polka dot soccer socks. Teams could also take the idea further by taking a page out of a professional sports team book and have "home" and "away" colors!

Coaches might take advantage of the fun and institute a reward-type program. If the team wins so many games or reaches the playoffs, they can choose a pair of funky soccer socks as a prize.

Teams can even choose to show their support for causes such as breast cancer. Plain pink or socks that sport the breast cancer ribbon would be a fantastic choice. Yellow socks could easily be used to support the troops or go a bit further and select camouflage!

Holidays are naturally festive times; why not continue the fun to the field? Christmas, Fourth of July, Halloween, St. Patrick's Day... so many choices for colors, stripes, zig-zags, smiley faces, shamrocks and even stars.

Put some fire in the team by getting flame socks. Let the team roar with animal print. Put fear into the opposing team by wearing funky soccer socks with skulls imprinted on them!

The possibilities to jazz up the team and invigorate the fans are endless with soccer socks for girls. Draw attention to the organization and lift spirits all at the same time. Send the message that the other team can go funky or go home!


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