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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Why Do You Need The Proper Sock For Your Sport?

Softball Flame Sock
The right athletic or sport sock is an important piece of athletic equipment, one that is often overlooked. Ensuring that specially designed athletic shoes are able to offer the best performance possible may require athletes to make use of the soccer socks or lacrosse socks that offer superior traction, ensuring that athletic shoes will be able to function properly over open ground while providing players with superior support. Volleyball socks and tennis socks may offer greater advantage to the athletes and players who find themselves out on the courts for longer periods of time, as greater comfort can become an important concern.

Generic athletic socks that have not been designed to ensure players are able to enjoy superior comfort and support when on the field or court could become a liability for players who are interested in getting the most out of their efforts. Rugged and durable football socks that can stand up to extended play, even under the toughest conditions, or comfortable softball socks that will offer a number of advantages over more generic options and socks that have not been designed for specific sports and the conditions they create. A sport sock that has been specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of players in any given sport may prove no less important than the athletic shoes or other equipment needed to get the most out of play.

The different stress that each sport can place on the clothing and equipment players need to make use of can vary significantly. Tennis socks that have been designed to wick away moisture and offer extended comfort and traction to players out on the court may prove a poor substitute for the soccer socks needed for players to stand up to much tougher and intense play out on the field. With a sport sock that has been specifically designed to offer players the greatest advantages by addressing the concerns specific to their sport and play environment, athletes can enjoy clothing options that will bring them greater benefit.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Significance of the Armband

Blue Captain's Armband
People who do not play sports regularly often wonder about the impact that the sports armband has. In many ways, having a sports armband is a no brainer because it is going to help a great deal when you are sweating and in the middle of an intense game. Instead of wiping sweat with your shirt or looking for a towel, simply rub your face and neck with the sports armband and you will be completely dry. This saves time and keeps an athlete focused and in prime shape to score the next point, shot, or piece of action in the game.

Armbands are worn in all sports. There are tennis armbands and you will see almost all the top players wearing them. When they finish a point, sometimes there is no time to get a towel. Wiping away the sweat with a tennis armband is so much easier and more efficient.

There are other armbands that have even greater significance. In most sports there will be a captain armbands that only one player on each team will get to wear. This armband is reserved for the team's captain. If the team's captain is not playing, then the vice captain or a player appointed by the coach for the day will wear the armband. Captain armbands signify a position of leadership on the field/pitch/court/baseball diamond. The person wearing a captain’s football armband or a captain’s baseball armband will have the respect of his teammates. They will know that this player will shout out instructions and communicate with the coaches so that the team knows what their responsibilities are.

Wearing a football armband or baseball armband is a huge honor. These are the players who everyone respects and admires. Throughout different sports, some of the best players around are given the armband to captain and lead their teams. In soccer, players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and Steven Gerrard have worn the armband to lead their team on occasion. In football, the likes of Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, and Drew Brees are captains and leaders of their teams. Derek Jeter is the NY Yankees captain and Jason Varitek was Red Sox captain until his recent retirement. All of these players are proven examples of what a captain is and should be.

Armbands have greater significance in some sports than they do in others. At times, an armband may simply be a tool to keep the sweat away and an athlete focused. In other cases, the armband is a symbolic gesture given to a player that is ready to lead his or her team out into battle.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Your Animal Spirit Comes Alive When Playing Sports

Pink Safari Sport Socks
Your wild side will take over when you wear one of our animal print socks on the field or the court. If you want be aggressive and stealthy like a hunter stalking its prey, then channel the ferocious tiger when you wear our tiger print sport socks! You will be on fire as you make a goal for the win! Just imagine being like a tiger every time you get in game mode if you want to release you inner animal fury on your opponents.

Our zebra sport socks will make you feel like you are running through the fields of the Savanna. You will be as swift and fast as they come. Nobody can catch you! Zebra print is also really trendy. Thus, these socks will look great no matter where you wear them.

Paw print socks are a must for anyone who wants to be sneaky and witty. Nobody knows where you went, but they can see your tracks! Paw print sports socks are great accessories for people who like to be sneaky and cumbersome while playing a game. You will definitely be in it to win it!

All of our animal and paw print sports socks are made of the highest quality. They will look amazing both on and off the field. However, it can be fun to pretend you are a wild beast on the loose to ramp up your energy during a game!

Check out our great selection of animal print socks to get in the spirit of the game. You will go wild once you put them on!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Volleyball Socks Add a Little Flair to the Court

Purple Flower Volleyball Socks
Volleyball socks for women offer a fun way to personalize an otherwise boring uniform. AAU Volleyball requires all players to wear identical jerseys but USA Volleyball, the national governing body for volleyball in the United States, ruled that players don't have to wear matching shoes or socks. A player is free to wear any crazy volleyball socks they please.

Many players may have a favorite color or style they wish to display that the uniform doesn't contain. Volleyball socks allow a player to show a little personality on the court while staying well within the rules of the game.

The added flair a player brings to the court by wearing personalized volleyball socks has benefits besides self-expression. If a player has family or friends who have come to a game explicitly to see her play, the unusual details or unique style make a great way for would-be admirers to easily identify the player on a team. Certainly, the uniforms have numbers but zebra volleyball socks will probably be spotted much more easily than a number that may be hard to read at a distance and constantly shifts as the player moves.

Crazy volleyball socks most likely won't make a player better but they add a bit of zest to the game. Basketball players wear shooter's sleeves, hockey goalies have fiercely painted face masks and football players have elaborately choreographed touchdown celebrations—all athletes need a way to express themselves in the game. A ribbon in the hair is fine but knee-high polka dots or flames will really get a volleyball player noticed.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Play Soccer In Style

Red Argyle Soccer Socks
It’s about time high school soccer teams and coaches jumped on the "let's put a little color and jazz in soccer" train, and got onboard with all the new colors and styles available for players to wear. Some of the older generation may remember that an "argyle" craze hit teens and schools back in the day, and the "in-crowd" not only wore argyle socks, they combined them with a pair of "saddle" shoes when they went to school, parties and other functions on a daily basis. Argyle socks also kept your feet warm. If you rent an old James Dean or Elvis Presley movie you'll know what we're talking about.

Outfitting an entire intermediate or high school girls soccer team with argyle soccer socks, it could be the start of a 2012 argyle craze and a terrific idea, except for one concern. Colorful, crazy soccer socks may not be permitted in regular team play. Like the referees, every player must conform to uniform colors, except for shoes, from top to bottom and that goes for all regulated school teams including small colleges, and universities.

But that crazy soccer socks conformity doesn't necessarily trickle down to non-school teams. City league team soccer socks for girls could be the talk of the town and a whole lot better to watch than the usual drab suspects. And today city league and non-city league pickup soccer games have sprouted out like poppies in a vacant field; they're everywhere most every weekend playing on some local field that has grass.

So maybe it is time to raise the what can we wear or not bar when it comes to argyle soccer socks for girls, and get a bit more creative and colorful at the same time. Maybe team members can all get together, raise a few bucks from family and friends, maybe even a car wash or yard sale, then make a team purchase of argyle soccer socks. Hey, a rainbow has a bunch of beautiful colors; why not put some of those colors into soccer socks for girls and let the color games begin?

Friday, October 12, 2012

Show Support No Matter What Uniform You're In

Pink Breast Cancer Ribbons Sock
Showing support for breast cancer awareness is easy and fun when entire teams participate by wearing pink socks. Breast cancer awareness socks can be worn by any team or any member of a team in any sport. Breast cancer awareness football socks are heading to the NFL in primetime if the trend continues this year and beyond. High School and minor league football teams are showing support for breast cancer awareness in October by wearing pink socks, or socks with pink ribbons printed on them.

Players and fans alike, whose lives have been affected by a loved one’s battle with breast cancer, find common ground in wearing breast cancer awareness socks. Football teams from high schools and colleges all over the country are participating in the awareness program. This year, the trend has grown significantly in the soccer world with more than 20 teams in just one league showing support for breast cancer awareness. The teams will wear pink socks or pink shoelaces during one or more games in October.

Wearing breast cancer awareness soccer socks raises funds for programs that provide free screenings and treatments for women who have no health insurance. Millions of dollars are raised every year through the Think Pink awareness program led by the Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation. The search for a cure continues with the help and support of people from every walk of life joining the conversation about the importance of research, screening, and treatment of breast cancer.

Wearing breast cancer awareness socks in October to raise awareness of the deadly disease is one way athletes can participate in a life-saving cause.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Go Funky Or Go Home!

Black and Orange Polka Dot Soccer Socks
"Girls can do anything boys can do."

Almost everyone is familiar with that particular saying. While it may be true, it's also true that there's no harm in girls putting a bit of pizzazz into their hobbies, whether it's having a glitter-covered dirt bike or wearing polka dot soccer socks.

Soccer socks for girls are a rising phenomenon and it's such a unique way to bring the girls together and to build confidence. If the girls feel good wearing funky soccer socks, chances are they'll play well.

If team colors are purple and yellow, girls have the option to wear one sock of each color, wear socks that are striped, or maybe they can find purple and yellow polka dot soccer socks. Teams could also take the idea further by taking a page out of a professional sports team book and have "home" and "away" colors!

Coaches might take advantage of the fun and institute a reward-type program. If the team wins so many games or reaches the playoffs, they can choose a pair of funky soccer socks as a prize.

Teams can even choose to show their support for causes such as breast cancer. Plain pink or socks that sport the breast cancer ribbon would be a fantastic choice. Yellow socks could easily be used to support the troops or go a bit further and select camouflage!

Holidays are naturally festive times; why not continue the fun to the field? Christmas, Fourth of July, Halloween, St. Patrick's Day... so many choices for colors, stripes, zig-zags, smiley faces, shamrocks and even stars.

Put some fire in the team by getting flame socks. Let the team roar with animal print. Put fear into the opposing team by wearing funky soccer socks with skulls imprinted on them!

The possibilities to jazz up the team and invigorate the fans are endless with soccer socks for girls. Draw attention to the organization and lift spirits all at the same time. Send the message that the other team can go funky or go home!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Lacrosse Socks

Red Lion Argyle Lacrosse Socks
No matter the reason why you choose to wear socks, most men and women decide to wear them to get better performance out of their legs and feet. These socks can deliver extra beneficial results when it comes to comfort and wear. And whether you want to purchase your socks online or at the store, there is a steady need to find out which brand of socks might be better to buy.

Argyle lacrosse socks are mostly made with acrylic and nylon, giving it stretchable ability. This material comes off thin enough to wear with dress shoes but thick enough to allow for expandable comfort. Most argyle socks come with its own argyle pattern knit, giving it a unique design.

Red lion lacrosse socks have been known to be just as popular as argyle socks because of their knitting. Red Lion socks are made with the heel to toe construction and excellent stretch.

Both of these forms of socks are made to create a comfort that allows for a less sweaty experience when wearing them. Of course there are other brands of lacrosse socks but all of them are made with quality material. When shopping for these forms of socks, you will want them to not be made with cotton. Cotton creates room for sweat and blisters and that is why it's safe to say that these types of socks are a better wear than any other socks on the market.

When shopping for these types of socks, you will want to make sure that your socks fit your foot size. Not having the right sized socks can interrupt the aim of the sock. There are different versions of socks that you can choose from when it comes to buying lacrosse socks. You can either choose to purchase them at your local sporting store or you can buy from an online vendor. Either way, you will want to make sure that you are getting quality over quantity.