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Friday, September 28, 2012

Top Notch Cheerleader Uniforms

Jungle Cheer Socks
Today, cheer-leading is a highly athletic and challenging sport. It includes physical moves such as tumbling, jumps, dancing and strength for lifts and mounts.
Cheerleaders require uniforms that are comfortable, durable and won't restrict the cheerleader during moves. Cheer leading uniforms also provide a bit of flair, color and are a way to show off team spirit. Squads are easily recognizable as part of the team by the uniform they have chosen.

Uniforms, shoes and accessories are the three main parts of the uniform. Although the designs will change from one uniform to the next, the basic functionality and durability should be retained.

  Cheer leading shoes are typically an athletic shoe. A sturdy but comfortable pair is important to have for performing cheer stunts, some of which are quite technical. The shoes must provide ankle support and should be cushioned properly to protect the feet from injury. Cheer leading socks also need to be a sturdy sock, and often times match the cheerleaders shoe.

Cheer socks should be worn to protect the feet from blisters and soreness. Cheerleader socks, available in many styles and colors to compliment any uniform, are a needed part of the uniform and can be in coordinated colors to add extra flair to the uniform. Footie socks are one of the more popular styles with cheer squads. They do not fall down or hinder the cheerleaders movements in any way.

Every cheerleader wants to retain a bit of uniqueness, however. That is usually obtained by wearing unique hair bows or fun socks. A great cheer leading uniform provides comfort, durability, as well as that special sparkle and shine that cheer squads bring to the game!


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