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Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Soccer Sock Craze

Smiley face soccer socks

Leading up to the 2012 London Olympics, retailers noticed difficulty stocking enough soccer socks to meet the increased demand of consumers. As the US Women's Soccer Team won a gold medal, soccer socks for girls became nearly impossible to find. Retailers had difficulty with traditional socks as well as funky soccer socks.

The latest trend in soccer socks for girls is to be creative. No longer are socks simply one color or featuring a small emblem for a national team. Crazy soccer socks with patterns and bright colors, such as a vivid tie-dye pattern, are the vogue. These funky soccer socks are proving even more popular than traditional sport socks.

Soccer socks are thick socks, typically white, black, or red, which come to a player’s knee while covering protective shin pads. Without shin pads underneath, these socks can extend above the knee of the wearer while creating a fashionable look. A pair of crazy soccer socks can turn an ordinary outfit into an extraordinary one.

While sport socks can cost a bit more than traditional socks, their enhanced construction and durability offset the costs. A modern pair of sport socks includes moisture wicking fabrics woven into the sock. This helps to keep feet dry, even when sweating. The materials are often resistant to tearing and the elastic more durable. This ensures the socks will hold up to athletic activity time and again.

The soccer sock craze is here and every girl on the planet will want a pair of socks to complete her outfit. Thanks to the new interest, more designs, styles, and sizes are available for every child. It has never been a better time to hop on the sport sock craze


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