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Friday, September 21, 2012

Choosing The Right Basketball Socks Can Jazz UP Your Team's Image

Flaming Basketball Socks

Looking for the perfect basketball socks that will make a statement and make your team standout from the rest? Absolute Sport Socks has just what you are looking for.There are 2 styles of basketball socks to choose from. The first has basketball logos on multiple colored backgrounds and the second has flaming basketballs on them. Either style will ensure that your team has the coolest basketball socks on the court!

Basketball socks for men with the basketball logo come with backgrounds of white, black, navy and royal. These socks are knee high and made from a blend of acrylic, nylon, polyester and spandex. The socks have a cushioned acrylic foot with heel and toe construction.The flaming basketball socks for men come with a black background only. These socks have a stretch filament mesh top which allows increased air flow ventilation.

Basketball socks for women are available in the same two styles. The basketball logo style offers four background color options and the flaming basketball design offers an ultra, soft acrylic body construction. Basketball socks for women in either style will fit ladies shoe sizes 5-10.

Basketball socks for kids are available in the flaming basketball style. This sock offers a cushioned acrylic foot with toe and heel construction. It also provides better ventilation due to its stretch filament mesh top. These socks are knee high in length making them perfect for wear on the court or off.

Flaming basketball socks for kids are available in size 6-8 ½, which fits kids shoe sizes 12-4.
Are you ready to jazz up your team’s image? Choose either of these basketball sock styles for your team and rev up your team’s self-image. Remember, self-image has a lot to do with performance and these basketball socks will make your team or child stand out from the crowd!


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