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Friday, September 28, 2012

Top Notch Cheerleader Uniforms

Jungle Cheer Socks
Today, cheer-leading is a highly athletic and challenging sport. It includes physical moves such as tumbling, jumps, dancing and strength for lifts and mounts.
Cheerleaders require uniforms that are comfortable, durable and won't restrict the cheerleader during moves. Cheer leading uniforms also provide a bit of flair, color and are a way to show off team spirit. Squads are easily recognizable as part of the team by the uniform they have chosen.

Uniforms, shoes and accessories are the three main parts of the uniform. Although the designs will change from one uniform to the next, the basic functionality and durability should be retained.

  Cheer leading shoes are typically an athletic shoe. A sturdy but comfortable pair is important to have for performing cheer stunts, some of which are quite technical. The shoes must provide ankle support and should be cushioned properly to protect the feet from injury. Cheer leading socks also need to be a sturdy sock, and often times match the cheerleaders shoe.

Cheer socks should be worn to protect the feet from blisters and soreness. Cheerleader socks, available in many styles and colors to compliment any uniform, are a needed part of the uniform and can be in coordinated colors to add extra flair to the uniform. Footie socks are one of the more popular styles with cheer squads. They do not fall down or hinder the cheerleaders movements in any way.

Every cheerleader wants to retain a bit of uniqueness, however. That is usually obtained by wearing unique hair bows or fun socks. A great cheer leading uniform provides comfort, durability, as well as that special sparkle and shine that cheer squads bring to the game!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

4 Tips For Looking Cool While Cycling

Cycling Dog Paw Socks
Due to Lance Armstrong, cycling is becoming much more popular. In the United States there is record growth in cycling. This is a very positive thing to hear in a developed country.

Everyday new cyclists are hitting the road. If you are one of them, this is a good time to tell you that you don’t need full cycling clothes for your first ride. If you don’t know what you are doing, but you are dressing in full cycling gear, from a famous team you make all cyclists look bad.

Everyone has to start somewhere and we all start as beginners. There are many ways that you can avoid the potential embarrassment of looking like a beginner though.

The first thing you’ll want to avoid is running out and buying a full professional kit. For those of you who don’t know what a professional kit is, it’s the full uniform of a pro cycling team. This includes their jersey, cycling socks and shorts. Don’t waste your money on these overpriced kits. If you want to wear cycling gear pick up some vintage kit. You can find great looking biking socks and jerseys from old school teams. Wearing athletic socks from a vintage team is a much more acceptable beginner fashion.

The second tip I can offer you is to buy the coolest looking helmet that fits your budget. You will be wearing your helmet all the time so don’t cheap out on it. If your helmet is too small or too cheap you will never want to wear it. Getting a nice helmet will not only protect you in an accident it also looks cool. You can also match you biking socks, to your helmet.

This is my third tip to you, make sure that your cycling clothes fit. It can be uncomfortable to wear Lycra in the beginning, but cycling requires tight fitting clothing. If your cycling socks are flapping around in the wind you won’t be moving as fast as you could with tight fitting biking socks.

The final tip is mainly for men. Keep your legs shaved. Wearing knee high athletic socks isn’t a secondary option either! It can be weird at first, but people tend to stay away from cyclists with hairy legs. I’m not sure why, but it’s true. Another great reason to keep your legs shaved is when you eventually crash you don’t have all that extra leg hair gripping the pavement.

Now that you know what is acceptable fashion for cycling get out there and enjoy a ride!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Choosing The Right Basketball Socks Can Jazz UP Your Team's Image

Flaming Basketball Socks

Looking for the perfect basketball socks that will make a statement and make your team standout from the rest? Absolute Sport Socks has just what you are looking for.There are 2 styles of basketball socks to choose from. The first has basketball logos on multiple colored backgrounds and the second has flaming basketballs on them. Either style will ensure that your team has the coolest basketball socks on the court!

Basketball socks for men with the basketball logo come with backgrounds of white, black, navy and royal. These socks are knee high and made from a blend of acrylic, nylon, polyester and spandex. The socks have a cushioned acrylic foot with heel and toe construction.The flaming basketball socks for men come with a black background only. These socks have a stretch filament mesh top which allows increased air flow ventilation.

Basketball socks for women are available in the same two styles. The basketball logo style offers four background color options and the flaming basketball design offers an ultra, soft acrylic body construction. Basketball socks for women in either style will fit ladies shoe sizes 5-10.

Basketball socks for kids are available in the flaming basketball style. This sock offers a cushioned acrylic foot with toe and heel construction. It also provides better ventilation due to its stretch filament mesh top. These socks are knee high in length making them perfect for wear on the court or off.

Flaming basketball socks for kids are available in size 6-8 ½, which fits kids shoe sizes 12-4.
Are you ready to jazz up your team’s image? Choose either of these basketball sock styles for your team and rev up your team’s self-image. Remember, self-image has a lot to do with performance and these basketball socks will make your team or child stand out from the crowd!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Be A True Superstar

Colorful Star Socks

Rock your next big game with a unique look that tells the world that you are a star. Star sports socks will have everyone's attention and they can even be color coordinated to match team and jersey colors. Comfort and high fashion meet with these eye catching socks. Stretchable, breathable, and colorful all meet in a nylon, spandex, acrylic blend.

Take the field with confidence and tell the opposing team that you are a winner and are ready to defend that status. Whether choosing the black or white backgrounds, these stars will shine bright no matter what the sport. These star socks can even be bought to accent at home and away uniforms. Their comfort is unmatched and the style is perfect for all sports stars.

Star sports socks are available in knee high lengths. This makes them perfect to wear with shin guards and other leg protection. If one doesn't care to sport socks with stars on them, try some sports socks that support a cause, and even show your love of the sport. That's right, these socks are also available for purchase with polka dots, hearts, and even breast cancer awareness ribbons on them.

The colors are as varied as the designs also. It doesn't matter if the sportsman is looking for a fashionable blue, a midnight black, or even bright pink, it is all here. Make sure to get a few extra pairs for friends, and for everyday wearing. These socks will be the envy of all who see them.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Animal Print Socks

Safari Print All Sport Sock
Some people love fashion and they will choose outfits and accessories that show off their unique style and personality. Every single shirt, dress, and pair of pants is chosen to match wardrobe items. Clothing is picked out in vibrant and bright colors, and patterned clothes items are purchased to stand out in the crowd. Accessories are usually added to outfits to make them more unique and interesting. Jewelry items and even socks are found that look amazing when worn with clothes.

Unique and interesting sock choices are a great way to make outfits look outstanding. Zebra print socks are one sock choice that can match a variety of different clothes in a fun way. These socks are black and white, and this means that they can go with red, black and pink outfits. Plain clothes and small flat shoes are best to make zebra print socks look great. Some socks that feature zebra prints come in funky colors too, and these will make a statement all on their own.

Socks come in other fun and exciting prints like tiger print socks. These socks come in color combinations that include pink, green, blue and traditional orange. Bright pink tiger print socks are a favorite among young girls and they can be shown off quite easily when skirts and shorts are worn with them. Everyone remarks about the style and trendy fashion of these socks whenever they are seen.

Various animal print socks can be found as well, and these socks look just as funky and cute when they are worn. Animal print socks with leopard spots, giraffe spots and dog prints are available and worn by people who love their fashion accessories. Socks with cat prints are a wonderful choice when worn by cat lovers, as well. These socks tell everyone that cats are cherished and adored at home. Cat print socks are best chosen in the same color of cat that is owned, because they are a great conversation starter when people comment about the socks and their love of cats.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Tie Dye Sports Socks

Blue Tie Dyed Sport Sock
Tie dye sports socks are available for many different sports. The zipper collection, top cat and argyle trend collections are perfect for the sport of soccer or volleyball. The collection continues with big stripes, safari and breast cancer ribbon socks. Students and adults can wear these socks with their soccer uniforms. The uniforms of basic colors with the tie dye soccer socks or tie dye volleyball socks give each team their distinction.

Teams can choose from basic colors such as pink and white, orange and white, purple and white, or green and white. These sock color combinations are just a few of the tie dye socks that are offered on the Absolute site. There are also color combinations with light and dark colors such as light pinks combined with dark pinks, light blues combined with dark blues or blacks with grays. The tie dye volleyball sock combinations are endless.

Tie dye soccer socks can be a great accessory for children and adults. They are fun to wear and give a personality to your otherwise drab outfits. Volleyball and soccer teams can distinguish their identities with the use of these colorful additions to their wardrobes. Tie dye sports socks add to so many sports. Baseball and softball teams sometimes will wear these socks with their uniforms. The color choices are usually a direct color combination that will match their uniforms. If wearing solid colors, the bright socks will stand out to make the uniforms unique.

Zebra stripes, safari stripes, and argyle trend socks are some of the favorites with younger adults in sports. Some girls use these socks as accessories to their uniforms in school. The colorful socks that are tie-dyed are usual accessories for girls in school with dress codes. These socks are typical for religious schools that have dress codes of skirts and tops. The beautiful and unique styles can help a student in uniform to allow some of her style to show. When children are in schools that have a dress code for shirt and pants, they will sometimes allow these students to wear accessories of color.

Baseball teams, soccer teams, volleyball teams, and softball teams order these socks because of their color and durability. These sport socks are made of a high quality material and will last through many washes. Make sure to order socks with a long lasting reputation for holding color and shape. Make sure to order several pair of colorful socks that are tie-dyed for your wardrobe.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Breast Cancer Awareness Socks

Pink Breast Cancer Ribbons All Sport Sock
Since breast cancer is a very serious disease, many people want to support those affected by the illness. Although women are directly affected by the illness, breast cancer can indirectly affect the family members of the victim. Although there is a wide variety of apparel that caters to breast cancer awareness, many people have chosen to wear breast cancer awareness socks to make a statement.

Cancer awareness socks can be a great way to bring notice to a deadly disease. Many companies have developed designs for breast cancer awareness socks. These designs cater to women and men of all ages. Most of the socks usually have pink as the base color; however, the design, color pattern and theme can change drastically depending on the designer.

Some designers are starting to create breast cancer awareness football socks for active football players or those who support the sport. In addition, some men and women have started to wear breast cancer awareness soccer socks when they play in soccer matches. These socks can be very soft and comfortable to wear, and most designs are highly affordable. You can wear a different pair every day of the week! Most of the socks come in a range of sizes and can complement any outfit.

If you invest in a nice pair of breast cancer awareness socks, a portion of the income goes back to organizations supporting this important cause. Many people are also looking to support breast cancer awareness by throwing parties for some of their friends. At these parties, they can also sell these wonderful socks to friends and family. There are also socks available for babies and pets too!

These socks are especially nice to wear at your next breast cancer awareness event. So, go and purchase breast cancer awareness soccer socks and breast cancer awareness football socks to support a great cause.

Friday, September 7, 2012

The Importance of Choosing the Right Socks in Softball and Volleyball

Circle All Sport Crew Sock
Athletic crew socks are incredibly important for a competitor. Most athletes overlook the importance of socks, but socks can prevent injury and keep an athlete in the game longer. John Wooden, the famous UCLA basketball coach, would teach his incoming freshman how to put their socks on properly. It was his first lesson for them. Whether an athlete needs softball crew socks or volleyball crew socks, it's critical to choose the right kind.

The first thing to consider is the material. Different materials do different things to the feet. Here are a few things to contemplate:

These socks will not hold elasticity very long, but the material will provide protection. Cotton is not good at eliminating moisture so your feet may become drenched and susceptible to friction. This material may provide good protection from the dirt in the form of softball crew socks.

Wool is old-school. This material sucks up moisture and the material shrinks when it's wet. Wool provides quality temperature control, but unless you want to be swimming in your foot's sweat, it is advisable to avoid it.

This synthetic material provides a good hold on your foot and ankle. Acrylic is great at wicking moisture and managing friction. This material would make a good option for volleyball crew socks. The material will hold through the constant lateral movement and will help prevent blistering.

Olefin and Polyester 
These synthetic materials are very strong and great at eliminating foot sweat. The downside of these materials is that they tend to store up the smell that an athlete's feet produce. Elasticity is also a problem. If a tight fit and protection is important than these materials will serve well.

The build quality is important for choosing the right athletic crew socks. Volleyball demands a high level of lateral movement and the right socks should reflect this. Volleyball crew socks tend to have a lower heel. This eases constriction on the ankle and allows for free, quick lateral movement.

Softball crew socks need stability. Stability promotes a firm stance on the ground and allows the player to hit a ball farther or pitch a ball faster. A higher heel will lock the ankle into place and add a touch strength to the joint. Stability will take some of the pressure off of the ankle and may prevent injury.

The look of the sock is also important. The right color will match the team's uniform and the right cut will make the athlete look a little better. Looking better breeds confidence and confidence can lead to success on the field.

Choosing the right athletic crew socks can show the coach that the athlete cares about the little things. John Wooden said that his players’ shoes might come untied if he didn't know how to put his socks on properly. If his shoes came untied then he'd lose playing time and affect the team. The little things can have a big impact.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Soccer Sock Craze

Smiley face soccer socks

Leading up to the 2012 London Olympics, retailers noticed difficulty stocking enough soccer socks to meet the increased demand of consumers. As the US Women's Soccer Team won a gold medal, soccer socks for girls became nearly impossible to find. Retailers had difficulty with traditional socks as well as funky soccer socks.

The latest trend in soccer socks for girls is to be creative. No longer are socks simply one color or featuring a small emblem for a national team. Crazy soccer socks with patterns and bright colors, such as a vivid tie-dye pattern, are the vogue. These funky soccer socks are proving even more popular than traditional sport socks.

Soccer socks are thick socks, typically white, black, or red, which come to a player’s knee while covering protective shin pads. Without shin pads underneath, these socks can extend above the knee of the wearer while creating a fashionable look. A pair of crazy soccer socks can turn an ordinary outfit into an extraordinary one.

While sport socks can cost a bit more than traditional socks, their enhanced construction and durability offset the costs. A modern pair of sport socks includes moisture wicking fabrics woven into the sock. This helps to keep feet dry, even when sweating. The materials are often resistant to tearing and the elastic more durable. This ensures the socks will hold up to athletic activity time and again.

The soccer sock craze is here and every girl on the planet will want a pair of socks to complete her outfit. Thanks to the new interest, more designs, styles, and sizes are available for every child. It has never been a better time to hop on the sport sock craze