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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Compression Socks and Arm Sleeves

Compression Socks / White
Compression socks and compression arm sleeves are the absolute best way to improve the amount of blood circulating in your feet, legs, and arms. If you struggle with circulatory problems, numbness, cramping, or any other issues related to blood circulation, you should consider the many benefits that compression socks or compression arm sleeves may have to offer you.

A compression sock or compression sleeve is characterized by their use of graduated pressure to alleviate your circulatory problems or other issues. Graduated pressure usually works due to special materials. Stronger elastic fabrics like spandex are often used in compression-style socks and sleeves to put pressure on the veins, arteries and muscles and improve blood flow.

Athletes, particularly runners, often take advantage of wearing a compression sock or compression sleeve. The muscles in their lower legs and feet often necessitate wearing a compression sock in order to stimulate the flow of blood in the legs and feet. Traditionally, compression socks have been worn by those suffering from diabetes, who typically struggle with circulation problems as a result, and also by airplane pilots, whose leg muscles are very inactive during long flights and who therefore need help circulating blood flow.

Wearing socks with graduated compression is a good preventative measure against deep vein thrombosis, a condition in which someone gets blood clots in their deeper veins because blood flow to the legs has become too slow. These socks are a good method of solving this problem. The socks can also be used for people struggling with other vein issues. For example, edema, a disorder in which the feet and ankles swell because of the pooling of blood and fluid, can often be helped by the use of socks with compression.

Kid’s compression socks and arm sleeves are also a great option. Children with diabetes and resulting circulatory issues often need special kid’s compression socks or kids compression arm sleeves in order to help the blood flow to their legs, feet, and arms. Kid’s compression arm sleeves are also popular among children who play sports. For example, kids who play basketball may wear a compression sleeve on the arm they use for shooting.

These socks and sleeves come in a wide array of colors, sizes, and styles so you can find the best compression items out there. Meet any of your needs with compression products, whether you're struggling with diabetes, piloting an aircraft, or just trying to perform your very best as an athlete. Without a doubt, these sleeves and socks will help your circulation and blood flow.


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