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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Ankles, Dots, and Socks. Oh my!

Dotted Footies
Ankles, Dots, and Socks. Oh my!

Fashion is about more than style. Top performing fashion is about comfort and support in addition to emerging trends. Fashion also does not have to be sacrificed when it comes to athletics. Footie socks are the hottest thing in the athletic market these days. They are comfortable and stylish, yet footie socks still give your ankles and feet the ability to breath and stay cool. Ankle socks, or footies, are the perfect fit for athletes across all sport. Whether you are practicing or performing in intense competitions, dotted socks can help you to stand out from the crowd. Teammates making their way down the field or the court can be sure to pick you out for a pass when you are wearing bright red dotted footies! You can make a fashion statement at the same time you are making a goal for the home team.

Dotted socks come in a variety of colors, letting you choose the shade that is right to represent your team of choice. Soccer players, basketball stars, and any number of other athletes can be seen sporting dotted footies on and off the field. They can be relied on for comfort and proper ventilation when it comes to all day wear or intense short-term usage. But ankle socks are not just for the players. Fans of any sport can get polka dots socks to wear to the game and let the players know they are out there and giving them their support. Polka dot ankle socks are the perfect thing to spice up your wardrobe and add some variety to the flat color of your normal low cut or crew sock collection.

Polka Dot ankle socks make great relaxing wear for evenings at home after a long day of work. Give your pajamas a little character with matching dots or make them the “go to” item for slumber parties and sleep overs. Outside of the home, you might need to liven things up around the office or the classroom. Polka Dots Socks are always a point of discussion and are sure to get you the attention you deserve. They will let you put the skip back into your step in a mundane work week and brighten the day of your friends and co-workers when they catch a glimpse of your whimsical attire. Re-enforced toes and heel sections will give your sock a longer life and the color is outfitted to match the colors of your favorite dots! Feel free to put the fun back in your wardrobe with ankle socks that have character. Both young and old will enjoy the fun of picking out their favorite dots each and every morning. These ankle dot socks are sure to make their way to the top of your wardrobes rotation!


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